Summer Yoga Retreat Kingston Ontario

Just back from another Yoga Retreat at Shanti Retreat Centre and as always am feeling really good after two and a half days of good company, good food and lots of yoga!

Look at All the “Crazy Happy” People!

Shanti is a favourite yoga destination. It is an idyllic retreat setting on the Wolfe Island shores of Lake Ontario, just a 20 minute ferry ride from Kingston Ontario. We are not the only ones who like Shanti. It made the list of one of Canada’s top ten yoga retreats this year! Read More…

Ontario Yoga Retreats

Find the Yogini in this beautiful shot

Just looking out across the water can inspire a deep sense of calm abiding.
Yoga Retreats Canada

Kellie is Keeping Us Calm!

 Time in the yoga pavilion is time well spent!

Don’t Talk to Me Until I’ve Had my Morning Yoga!

I don’t know what else I can say about this. I asked the retreat photographer for some yoga pictures and this is what I get!

And here is what some of our guests had to say. It is always so wonderful to get this kind of feedback. It really means a lot to us!

Hi Kellie

The girls and I would like to thank you and Brendon once again for an unforgettable first experience at Shanti Retreat. It truly was beyond our expectations! We were so sad to leave and wished our stay could have been longer.

We appreciated so many things about Shanti – but you and Brendon made the retreat what it was.
We loved your leadership, your wonderful energy and the inspiring yoga that you shared with us. We feel so lucky to have spent these three days with both of you.

Until next time!


Liza, Kailas & Shanti

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