Home Practice

homeyogaDoing yoga at home is a great way to build your personal practice. The following routines are very similar to what we do in class. Listening to sound files, rather than watching videos, can lead to a much deeper yoga experience. It is less distracting, permits you to focus more deeply, and allows you to move to your own ability – without feeling that you have to look like the person on the screen! You may even wish to close your eyes and make your practice a totally introspective experience. Make sure you take the time for relaxation at the end. It is a very important part of your practice. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yoga Routines

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45 minute Gentle Flow

Mindfulness Practices

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20 minute Mind Body Awareness
30 minute Mindful Movement
30 Min Yoga Nidra – Deep Rest and Relaxation


Yoga for PTSD Practice Guide

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