Strengthening the Core

Anatomical Focus – The Core

A couple of weeks ago we focussed on strengthening the lower back.  This week the focus is on the core, which is  an essential complimentary component of maintaining a healthy lower back.  The core of our body is also very important from a physiological perspective.  It is the centre of our being, the place from which we move, the place from which we breathe and the place from which we live.  The following Yoga Journal video and articles provide some really good guidance on activities you can undertake to strengthen your core.  Boat Pose is one of my favourite core strengtheners.  Not only does it yield significant physical benefits, it requires concentration and mindfulness to hold the pose.  See if you can turn it into a mini meditation.  If you have any questions please let me know.

Core Strengthening Video


A Great Core Routine


Full Boat Pose