Class Descriptions. For more information on a specific class, or to reserve a space, please click on “Select a Date” in the Info/Reserve column in the schedule below. For general information concerning studio polices please click here. Classes cost $12 on a Drop In basis or $10 if you purchase a 10 class Get Yoga Flex Pass.

Day and Location Class/Instructor Start Time Info/Reserve
Monday Gentle Hatha/Joanne Manzara 10:30 AM
Monday Gentle Hatha/Brendon Abram 12:00 PM
Monday Ashtanga/Sabrina Reid 4:30 PM
Monday Vinyasa Flow/Sabrina Reid 5:45 PM
Monday Yin Yoga/Sabrina Reid 7:00 PM
Wednesday Gentle Hatha/Joanne Manzara 9:00 AM
Wednesday Vinyasa Flow/Brendon Abram 12:00 PM
Wednesday Yin and Yang/Sabrina Reid 4:30 PM
Wednesday Vinyasa Flow/Sabrina Reid 5:45 PM
Wednesday Restorative Yoga/Sabrina Reid 7:00 PM
Thursday Vinyasa/Joanne Manzara - Registration Required 6:15 AM
Saturday Hatha & Meditation/Sabrina Reid 8:30 AM
Saturday Hatha/Sabrina Reid 9:45 AM
Saturday Hatha Flow/Sabrina Reid 11:00 AM
Saturday Hatha Yoga / Sarah Whiteman - Session Based/Please Register 4:00 PM
Sunday Hatha Yoga/Sarah Whiteman 10:30 AM
Sunday Vinyasa Flow/Jenny Doucet 9:00 AM
Workshop Support our Veterans - Donation Yoga Class - November 7th 2:00 PM
Workshop Electro-Pollution Workshop - November 14th 1:00 PM
Workshop Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop - Nov 28th and 29th 9:00 AM

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Mats and Props are provided at the studio
Vinyasa/Hatha Flow provides an opportunity to work on strength, balance, and flexibility. The focus will vary from class to class and from instructor to instructor. Flow classes explore both standing and floor poses; however, emphasize “flowing” from pose to pose with the breath. Classes range from LI to HI.

Ashtanga Yoga is a popular style of Vinayasa/Hatha Flow created by Yogi Pattahbi Jois. During an Ashtanga class you practice a set sequence of poses. The Monday at 8:45 AM and the the 4:30 PM sessions address the first or most basic sequence.

Gentle Hatha focuses primarily on increasing flexibility and mindfulness and is a low intensity class. It explores both standing and floor poses; however transitions are limited.

Yin Yoga provides the deepest flexibility experience of all. Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes and result in some amazing releases and an opportunity to really deepen your mindfulness experience. Great for promoting healthy joints, especially lower back, knees and hips. From a flexibility sensation perspective these classes can range from low to high intensity depending on how deep you decide to go.

Restorative Yoga is a low intensity style of yoga that provides the most gentle and relaxing experience. Supported by props this is an opportunity to engage in slow gentle stretching that will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. It is really great for people you may be experiencing mobility issues or who are just getting back into the swing of things.

I’m a Beginner!

For some, the idea of the first yoga class can be a bit scary. Am I flexible enough? I won’t be able to keep up with everyone else. Not to worry! In yoga we start from where we are and work within our own personal boundaries. All of our classes are suitable for beginners.


A Word about Intensity

You can choose your own intensity level at any class you attend. Always work within your personal boundaries. While it is good to create challenging sensation by assuming stretching or strengthening poses – it is never good to create pain. Remember! The ultimate expression of your pose is not defined by how you look compared to others, it is defined by what you feel within. Low Intensity classes are good for days when you want to take it easy, High Intensity for days you want to work hard and Medium Intensity are (of course) somewhere in between.