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The Power of Yoga

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can have a profound positive effect on your physical and mental health.  By combining movement with techniques for breathing and meditation, yoga can be a very effective way to become stronger, more flexible and to obtain lasting peace of mind.

We teach several styles of traditional yoga, all of which are delivered with an emphasis on mindfulness.  Classes are structured so that everybody can get the most out of their practice regardless of experience or ability. Classes vary in intensity. Check the schedule for more information about each.

Since we are all so very different, your expression of a particular yoga pose may not look exactly like the next person’s – and that is perfectly fine. How you look, or how flexible you are, is not nearly as important as what you feel. Following this approach to practice, not only will you become more flexible and stronger, you will become happier.

Our goal at Get Yoga is to help you establish and maintain your own personal yoga practice.  We are not here to teach you “our personal style” of yoga – we are here to help you find yours!


I’m a Beginner!

For some, the idea of the first yoga class can be a bit scary. Am I flexible enough? I won’t be able to keep up with everyone else. Not to worry! In yoga we start from where we are and work within our own personal boundaries.  For more information, check out Frequently Asked Questions.

Find us at 45 Front Street, Trenton, Ontario Canada.