The Mindful Path

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an intensive eight-week course designed to teach you how to relate to and work with whatever is happening in your life, to take charge of your life, and to do something for yourself that no one else can do for you – to consciously and systematically work with your own stress and pain, and the challenges and demands of everyday life.

Find peace within yourself

MBSR is not therapy, yet it is therapeutic; it cannot cure, yet can heal; it is not a relaxation technique but teaches how to calm and quiet the mind and body through moment to moment awareness.

MBSR Teacher

Jessica Ford, MA, MSW, RSW, Mindfulness Teacher, is a compassionate experienced psychotherapist and teacher who applies the skills acquired over 25 years to facilitate healing and wholeness. Her passion is to introduce others to the innate wisdom of the body and mind connection through cultivating awareness, recognizing lifelong physical and mental patterns and teaching techniques and practices which expand mind/body integration.

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