Yoga in Codrington: Getting Connected

Posted By Leslie Abram on May 4, 2018 | 0 comments

I have often wondered about the seeming dichotomy presented by the practice of yoga. On one hand it is an intensely personal experience, a way to go within and come to know our true selves. On the other hand I have learned through experience that some of my most meaningful “yoga moments” have happened when I was sharing the company of others.

I have come to understand that there really is no dichotomy. The ultimate outcome of yoga is that by coming to know ourselves we learn to feel connected, to feel like we are a part of something much bigger. Practicing yoga with others provides that opportunity to experience what it means to be part of community, to support and be supported by others as we travel the path to self realization.

This concept has really become apparent to me over the last couple of months since I have been teaching yoga at the Codrington Community Centre just a few minutes down the road from our home. I am very privileged to share my yoga practice in the company of friends and neighbours. It really is something special. Our little community is growing as people hear about it and come out to give it a try each Thursday evening at 6:15. And as the community grows our individual practices benefit as we learn about ourselves and how important it is to be connected to others, especially in this age of social media where interacting with others in person seems to be outside the norm.

Yoga gives us the opportunity to be part of a group where the only pre-requisite is to be yourself.