Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Are you interested in knowing more about Trauma and how Yoga can help?


Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga – A Practical Guide provides many of the answers you are looking for.

Brendon Abram combines his first-hand experience with PTSD in the field and years of teaching to offer this practical guide to bringing trauma-sensitive yoga to both clinical and studio settings. Drawing on his work with military veterans, first responders, and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, he emphasizes the importance of respecting the uniqueness of every individual and demonstrates how to use the foundational principles of yoga to create a safe experience. Brendon explains that the basic principles of yoga bring power to the practice and that breath, mindful movement, focused awareness, and acceptance of present-moment experience form the foundation of any yoga offering.


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Integral Magazine

“Many people seem to find it interesting that a military man ended up teaching Yoga. At workshops and retreats, I am often asked how this came to be.” Read more…

Foreword Review:

“Accessible, well guided, pragmatic, and impactful: to describe Brendon Abram’s Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga is to describe an ideal manifestation of its subject matter. Drawing on a deep well of experience as a trauma-sensitive yoga instructor as well as on his experiences as a veteran, Abram outlines his teaching framework with a conscientiousness that is rare in today’s yoga world. This is a welcome handbook for anyone looking to grow in their yoga teaching practice.” Read More….

Foreword Interview with Brendon:

“This week we’re blessed to hear from Brendon Abram, a veteran who discovered yoga during his military years and hasn’t looked back. The author of the recently released Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga: A Practical Guide (North Atlantic Books), and a yoga purist with a soldier’s mindset, Abram recognizes that “when it comes to offering yoga, ‘practical’ means to keep it simple, which can be accomplished by sticking to the basics. … By keeping something from becoming too complex, we reduce the opportunity for misunderstanding and misdirection. My intention in the book was to remind readers that it is these basic principles that are the most important.”
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