Susan’s Yoga Story

Posted By Leslie Abram on Dec 23, 2019 | 0 comments

Thanks to Susan JK for sharing her yoga story with us!

I’ve been doing yoga since 1995 in Hamburg, when I was pregnant with our second child.
Yoga has been a constant companion in my life – physically of course, but also mentally.We all need to check out of our daily routine, to give ourselves permission to hit the reset button and do something totally just for us.Yoga is that for me. In the beginning it was the flow style of class, lots of sun-salutations and downward dogs and moving quickly through the poses; now I prefer the Restorative, Yin and Gentle Hatha.After every class I feel a sense of calm, a feeling of control over my life.I used to tell people if they had negative news to share with me, do it after a yoga session – my mind is in a state that it can accept almost anything.
Favourite pose is no longer the “pigeon”. It is now Savasana – giving myself the permission to just lie there on my mat, listening to soft music, and to drift off to sleep.True bliss.
Though my joints are stiffer, my muscles tighter, the flexibility no longer what it once was (was it ever there?)and sometimes just standing up after Savasana is a challenge in itself, going to a Yoga class for me is not a drag or a drudge, it is something I always look forward to with pleasure. 
Namaste Susan