Sneak peek at our fall schedule

All classes are pre-registered 4 week sessions.    Class list will remain the same for the duration of the session- no drop ins.

Registration is through Leslie at


OPTION 1:  $60 for 4 weeks, paid upon registration by etransfer to

OPTION 2: If you purchased a 10 class pass before the studio closed in March, you can use 4 classes on your pass to pay for each 4 week session.  Unlimited passes will be converted into 10 class passes at no extra charge.

If you are not sure how many classes are left on your pass, email us at


Studio Schedule:

Monday 10:00 AM: Relax and Flow with Joanne

Monday 6:15 PM: Evening Flow with Joanne

Wednesday 10:00 AM:  Gentle Yoga with Mary Lou

Wednesday 12:00 PM: Lunchtime Flow with Brittany

Wednesday 3:45 PM: Yoga for Stress Relief with Leslie

Wednesday 5:30 PM: Power Flow with Emma

Friday 10:00 AM: Yoga For Mindfulness with Leslie

Friday 12:00 PM: Yoga for Mindfulness with Leslie

Saturday 10:00 AM:  Hatha Yoga with Caitlin

Saturday 12:00 PM: Beyond Beginner – Grow your Practice with Leslie

Sunday 10:00 AM:  Low and Slow with Julie