Mindfulness for Better Sleep Workshop


Welcome to the Mindfulness Better Sleep Workshop. You can use this page to access the materiel you will need to prepare for the workshop and the resources you will need to support your practice after the workshop is over. If you have any questions about anything please email Brendon at getyoga@getyoga.ca or call or text him at 613-438-9642.

Workshop Agenda

Pre-Reading Materiel

Please take the time to read the material provided below. Although you are welcome to print it out if you wish, your are not required to bring the pre-reading materiel to the workshop. You will be provided with a copy of everything you need on the day of the workshop

On-Line Sleep Routine

If you would like to practice the sleep routine we used during the workshop you can find a copy of the audio files to support your practice here:

A Simple Sleep Routine

Post Workshop Discussion

Your facilitator will invite you to join a post workshop discussion after you you have had an opportunity to practice your personal sleep routine for six or seven nights in a row. This will be an opportunity to ask the facilitators any questions and to share your experiences with other members of the workshop. The discussion takes place in an online chat room and is quite simple, however, if you have any questions about the platform please contact Brendon.