Safe Handling Knowledge Confirmation

Natural Horsemanship is a way of working with a horse that:

relies on using fear and intimidation to make the horse submit to your will



Comfort, Trust, Respect

Pressure / Absence of Pressure

Reading Behaviour

Drive and Draw

  • What does a horse need to feel safe?
  • Can you envision situations where you could be hurt by a horse when handling it on the ground? What could you do ahead of time to prevent these situations from arising? To mitigate risk if they do happen?
  • What are the three main things you need to be mindful (aware) of when working with a horse?
  • Is punishment an effective form of discipline for horses?
  • What are Jon Kabat Zin’s seven essential attitudes of mindfulness? Are any of them applicable to working with horses? 
  • What is the main medium of equine communication? How can we use this knowledge to facilitate our relationship with horses.
  • What are some factors that may affect a horses behaviour?
  • How do you gain a horse’s respect and trust?
  • What are we looking for when we assess the mood of a horse(s)? Does a horse’s mood change how you handle it?
  • What are some ways you can tell if you have a horse’s trust?
  • What is leadership? Why do horses need a leader?
  • Do you need to establish leadership over your horse? Why? What are the characteristics of a good leader?
  • What is the relationship between leadership and mindfulness
  • How does one horse become higher ranking than another? How can we use knowledge of this behaviour to practice equine leadership?
  • How important is clear intent?
  • How important is clear communication?
  • What do you do if your horse is not doing what you are asking?
  • How can you establish clear intent?
  • How to we decided what type and how much pressure to use?
  • Can you strengthen your intent by raising your energy?
  • When do you release pressure?
  • What do you do if your horse just does not give you the response you are looking for?
  • How can you establish clear intent?
  • How do we decided what type and how much pressure to use?
  • How do we create draw?
  • How do we find balance between drive and draw?
  • Can you desensitize a horse to every eventuality?
  • Can you teach your horse to trust your judgment ? If so, how?
  • What types of external stimuli tend to be the most “spooky”?