Mindfulness for Better Sleep

One Day Sleep Workshop with Get Yoga and Aware Yoga
Takes place at Aware Yoga: 279 Henry St, Stirling, ON


Diet, exercise, and sleep are the three most important things we can influence to maintain optimum health. While many of us spend a lot of time thinking about diet and exercise, few of us invest the same effort in achieving good sleep. 

The most common sleep complaint is insomnia. Approximately 30 to 50  percent of adults are estimated to have experienced it at one time or another, with about 10 percent developing chronic insomnia. Insomnia often goes untreated since about 60 percent of the people suffering from it never talk to their physicians about their sleeping difficulties.

There is compelling evidence to suggest that insomnia is a state of 24 hour hyper-arousal rather than sleep loss. Although insomnia is considered a sleep disorder, its defining characteristics suggest we are in a state of hyper-arousal when we are awake and when we are asleep. This means a mindfulness practice aimed at reducing hyper-arousal can help us find and maintain quality sleep.

In this one hour self-study and six hour contact training workshop you will :

  • learn what sleep is and why it is so important to our health
  • learn why mindfulness practices promote healthy sleep
  • become aware of lifestyle changes you can make to create the conditions for optimum sleep
  • experience a simple breath, movement, and meditation based mindfulness practice that will help you sleep better
  • be provided with access to a guided sleep practice. and
  • learn how to create your own sleep practice to suit your personal circumstances

Investment is $75 per person