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Onions have layers, ogres have layers.  So says Shrek.  And can’t we all learn from Shrek?  Well, yoga has been that way for me.  In the beginning, it was about my physical layer.  At the start I went to re-gain some movement and flexibility.  I didn’t think beyond that.  But as the words spoken in classes entered into my mind, I realized another layer was unfolding.  It wasn’t always comfortable, as growth seldom is, and sometimes just down right painful.  Each of the eight limbs of yoga meant something.  This was a journey I was on without consciously knowing.

People would ask me what I get out of yoga.  I have gotten into some layers that certainly weren’t my plan.  I have learned to accept myself and to be kind to myself which is no easy task.  To be able to look inside yourself is a gift.  And yoga is a gift.  Just when I thought I was figuring out this journey, along came a new class by Brendon dealing with the koshas.  This was giving a name to what I was going through.

The koshas are all layers.  And boy, did I need this class.  The physical layer is the first one.  The third one is the  manomaya kosha which is the mental, emotional layer.  This is a big one for me.  Thank goodness yoga is a practice.  I have purposely not told you all the layers.  For that, see you Tuesdays at noon.

As I make progress with my layers I realize that they are so subtle and nuanced, a lifetime of study would not be enough. We are always growing, changing, evolving.  Yoga is life long journey and one I’m glad I’m on.  Peeling away the layers of an onion will sometimes bring about tears and for me, peeling my own layers back has had me shed a few.  The joy I have found delving into my layers is worth it.  Namaste.

by Sheila

p.s. Cakes have layers and I LOVE cake.