I Am Enough

Posted By Leslie Abram on Oct 7, 2016 | 0 comments

“I am enough.”  Try using this for your mantra today.

What does this mean?  To accept ourselves just as we are, right now.   Not waiting to be happy with ourselves until we meet a certain goal, accomplish a particular thing. Being content with ourselves right now.

This doesn’t mean we don’t learn, we don’t try, we don’t grow.

What we do is explore. Life is a journey.   We are always just part way down the path.   Even when we meet a goal, achieve something big, it is very natural to move on to the next thing.  We are learning and growing as we go.

It’s the same on our mats in yoga class.   There’s no such thing as “perfecting” a pose.   A pose is right for you when you are feeling just the right amount of muscle engagement, strength, and stretch.  Where the breath keeps you calm and steady.  This will vary from day to day and of course from person to person.

So let’s accept ourselves right here, right now.  Travelling on our journey.  Allowing ourselves to experience happiness all along the way.

“I am enough.”


Leslie- October 2016