From Our Community

“We are so fortunate to have Get Yoga in Trenton. I really need yoga in my life and love so many of the classes and workshops that are offered. Thank you to all the great instructors whose classes I have attended so far. You’ve done so much for my health and well-being!”  A.


“Get Yoga is everything a yoga studio should be. A great variety of classes, knowledgeable teachers, and always welcoming. Trenton is lucky to have this gem.”  S.


“My practise has grown way beyond my expectations. I can now do the tree pose without falling down, my overall posture has improved and I am much better at staying focused. Yoga is a huge part of my life now. When I go away I am looking for a yoga class to try. Yoga keeps me healthy in mind, body and soul and for that I have Get Yoga to thank. ”    P.


“Yoga has helped and continues to help me in many ways—to slow down and enjoy the life around me; to be aware of my breath; it helps to settle my mind; it increases my energy; enhances my mood; and so much more.  I am so glad that I was introduced to yoga! ”  J.


“I have meditated, started a gratitude journal and plan to bring my husband to a class!   I am mixing things up and trying to add new classes to my schedule.   I appreciate a good challenge.   Thanks for taking me on this journey.    B.

“For the second year, Get Yoga has hosted its summer class of Yoga By the Bay at Trent Port Marina. It was a huge success and we are so thankful for their generosity as we near our 60th community campaign! Thank you Get Yoga for this wonderful initiative – your kindness and generosity are both heartwarming and very much needed by so many – you are improving lives locally!”  United Way Hastings Prince Edward


“This quote sums up the impact yoga has had on me this year.

‘Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.’ B.K.S. Iyengar

Thanks to all the incredible staff at Get Yoga for your commitment and community involvement.”  K.


“Thank you to the wonderful cat lovers who joined Leslie Abram ( Owner of Get Yoga) and friends for cat yoga today! Seven of our wee ones joined the Cat Yoga fundraiser and a good time was had by all! They were able to raise $400 for our Fur babies at Fixed Fur Life.”  Fixed Fur Life animal rescue


“A wonderfully welcoming space, with a great group of instructors. Different class types and intensities allow you to choose the right one for you. Feels like a second home ❤️”  L.


“Best yoga studio in Trenton! Love the variety of classes and the instructors are top notch! Great place for all levels of students to practice plus they offer lots of interesting workshops to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga!” R.


“Thank you for the best yoga class I have ever attended. I am so looking forward to attending more sessions.”   K.