Introduction to EFM


Welcome to Equine Facilitated Mindfulness. During this complimentary introductory session we will:

  • complete a short mindfulness practice in the presence of the horses
  • meet the horses, and
  • practice some basic (mindful) horse handling. 

Before You Arrive

Please Dress Appropriately

In the winter please dress warmly as we will be working outside or in an unheated shelter.  Pasture conditions are often muddy, so please wear appropriate footwear and clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Please Read the Barn Guidelines

Please Complete the Barn Waiver

Please download, complete and bring a copy of the barn waiver with you to your session. If you are unable to do this before you arrive you will be provided with a copy.

Directions to the Barn

The barn is located at 125 Gabourie Road, Wooler Ontario. When you arrive please use the east driveway and proceed slowly past the house and the arena on the right to arrive at the two sprung shelters at the southwest corner of the yard. You will see my grey Honda Pilot parked there. You can see the shelters on the satellite version of the google maps link.

Mindfulness Practice

The practice of mindfulness will be part of every EFM session. For the first session we will undertake a short breath based mindfulness practice in close proximity to the horses. The practice will  help us “let go” of our day and allow us to join the horses in their present moment existence. We will use the Wheel of Awareness Mindfulness Framework as a starting point.

Meet the Horses

We will practice approaching the horses in a friendly non-threatening manner, one which invites them to approach us. This will be the first application of the natural horsemanship principle of pressure/release of pressure. We will also discuss the important safety concept of how to maintain/protect your personal space.

Basic Horse Handling

We will start by haltering Danny who is the leader and ambassador of my little herd.  He is a very friendly horse and seems to really like hanging out with people. You will be able to touch and rub him, and depending on how things go, we may even spend some time grooming him and learning how to halter and un-halter him. As we spend “hands-on” time with Danny we can discuss key concepts and any other aspect of your experience you would like to.