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A Gift to Share

Posted By on Dec 30, 2020

The New Year is often a time to make new resolutions and embrace new challenges. For many of us, though, the New Year is simply a renewal of a challenge we face on a daily basis. The challenge of maintaining personal mental health. As someone who has had to work hard to maintain my mental health, I know that the next couple of months are always more difficult for me. In a normal year getting through the shorter days and the February...

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Here is an article from Elite Daily that Brendon had the privilege of contributing to.  It’s a really good read and highlights some of the main benefits that a long term yoga practice will yield. Every time you roll out your yoga mat, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to learn all sorts of lessons. Sure, you thought you were going to yoga class to perfect your tree pose, but instead, you emerge from the studio with a...

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