A Gift to Share

Posted By Brendon Abram on Dec 30, 2020 | 0 comments

The New Year is often a time to make new resolutions and embrace new challenges. For many of us, though, the New Year is simply a renewal of a challenge we face on a daily basis. The challenge of maintaining personal mental health.

As someone who has had to work hard to maintain my mental health, I know that the next couple of months are always more difficult for me. In a normal year getting through the shorter days and the February blues is a bit of a chore. With COVID as part of the mix it didn’t take long for me to think myself into a place where I feel intimidated and overwhelmed. But I also know I am very fortunate and, compared to others, have it pretty good – especially compared to our essential workers who have served us so bravely this past year and who will continue to serve us through the months to come. With this in mind, I think that a good way for me to stay healthy is to do what I can to support essential workers during this difficult time.

Over the past year I have found myself being grateful for the peace of mind I have derived from simply spending time with my horses. They have given me so much. A sense of purpose, unconditional acceptance, and an opportunity to find freedom from my concerns in the relative serenity of the present moment. Being with them has truly been a gift, a gift I would like to share with those who are working so hard to to keep things as normal as possible for the rest of us.

For the months of January and February I would like to offer free Equine Facilitated Mindfulness sessions to all essential workers. If you are an essential worker (or know someone who is) and are interested in spending time with some really amazing animals you are welcome to come and give it a try. You can find out more about mindfulness with horses at Equine Facilitated Mindfulness or can just text me or give me a call at 613-438-9642.

Wishing everyone a New Year blessed with Peace and Contentment