5 Tips for Beginners on how to begin a yoga practice

Posted By Leslie Abram on Dec 23, 2019 | 0 comments

Recently livestrong.com asked us “What advice/tips would you give to beginners about how to begin a yoga practice?”

1. Do a bit of research. There are many different flavours of yoga- from very gentle to very vigorous.  Read class descriptions or you can ask a studio or gym what their classes are like, and if they are appropriate for beginners.   Try a few different styles and teachers, and see what feels best for you.

2. Keep practicing!  So many people try yoga one or two times and then never go back, even though they liked it!.   Growth comes with time and commitment.  Those people you see in class nailing every single pose have probably been practicing yoga for years.

3. Have fun and don’t judge yourself.  Think of those balance poses as “play for adults.” Enjoy the challenge of learning something new.   Smile, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

4.  Be curious, and learn about yourself.   Practicing yoga can reveal a lot of things we may not have considered before.  How do we handle challenges? Where are our bodies stronger and where do we need to build strength?  Where are we flexible and inflexible?  How do we deal with stillness?  Each person in the room will be having a different experience, based on their own strengths and needs.   The more we study ourselves in a non-judgemental way, the more we can learn to be the very best versions of ourselves.

5. Where’s a good place to start? At home? Classes? The main thing is just to start.   If you are a beginning yoga student and find you are distracted at home or are needing more guidance, then going to classes will be your first step.   Ultimately, developing a yoga practice rests on making a commitment to a regular routine.  

Leslie and Brendon, Dec. 2019