Tibetan Heart Yoga Workshop

Tibetan Heart Yoga with Leslie.  Saturday, September 29,  10:15 – 11:30

Tibetan Heart Yoga is a beautiful practice in which we bring together the physical body, the mind, the breath, and the heart.   In series one we focus on compassion for others by using the yoga practice as part of the traditional Buddhist tong-len visualizations and meditations of destroying suffering and giving away joy and kindness to others.  We will be practicing series one, which is open to all levels of yoga and meditation practice.

Tibetan Heart Yoga was at the very core of my yoga teacher training, and I always feel so privileged to share this powerful heart centred practice with others.

Use your class pass, or $20 for non pass holders.

Please email me to let me know you are coming: leslieabram@gmail.com