The Power of Breath: Pranayama Workshop

The Power of Breath

Breath can calm us, energize us, and help focus our minds.     This workshop will include techniques for a few different forms of pranayama, incorporated into an all levels Hatha Yoga Class.   We will end with a 10 minute guided meditation.

Breath is life.   Join me for an exploration of the power of breath.

Saturday, February 16 from 10:30 – 11:45

Use your Get Yoga pass, or $20 for non pass holders. Please preregister with Leslie:

This workshop is for anyone who is curious about how to use breath to enhance their yoga practice. We will also learn how pranayama techniques can be taken off the mat and into our everyday lives.




The eight limbs of yoga:

Yamas- moral principles

Niyamas- personal observances

Asana- poses and physical practice

Pranayama- breath control

Pratyahara- sense withdrawal, getting rid of distractions

Dharana- focused concentration

Dhyana- meditation

Samadhi- freedom and peace