Get Yoga November Bingo Challenge

Hi there!   Those BINGO cards are getting really full as we near the end of November!   It has been so fun to witness the buzz in the studio as people tried new things, got to know each other, and continued to make Get Yoga a warm and friendly place to be.   We delivered 50 items to the Trenton Food Bank on Monday, and more are coming in daily.

So here’s what’s next.  The challenge wraps up at 7 pm this Friday.  At that point I will take all the cards off the wall and sort them into 3 piles:   Lines,  X or Ts, and full cards.

Gift certificates  will be emailed to everyone for the highest prize level they won.   These can be used anytime after December 1.

Grand Prize:
I’ll take all the full cards down to Friday night music night at the Grind, and have one of the lovely baristas do the draw for the Grand Prize!

Good luck to everyone, and enjoy your yoga this week!
See you soon, and thanks for playing.