Get Yoga at Work

Get Yoga at Work, Part 1  

April 14, 1:30 – 2:30 PM.   Use your Get Yoga Pass, or $20 for non pass holders

Two-thirds of the North American workforce sits for all or part of their workday. According to a report published in 2014 by The Conference Board of Canada, reviewing the economic impact of reduced physical activity at work, sitting is becoming the “new smoking”—making a compelling economic case for behavioural and lifestyle interventions.

The spine is made for movement. When you don’t adjust your posture frequently enough throughout your working day, you’re more likely to not only experience discomfort while sitting—but you are also inviting a whole host of other musculoskeletal problems and possible health conditions along with it.

Get Yoga at Work, Part 1 is an interactive workshop designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to incorporate healthy movement habits into their work day. Participants will learn about proper postural alignment, explore functional movement patterns to counter the impact of sitting, releasing muscle tension, towards maintaining physical strength and flexibility.

Instructor: Cathy Ireland, Certified Training in Yoga for Office Workers.

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Get Yoga at Work, Part 2 

April 28, 1:30 – 2:30 PM     Use your Get Yoga Pass, or $20 for non pass holders

According to a recent study by Account Temps, who asked 400 Canadians who work in an office environment about stress, 58% reported feeling job-related stress on a daily basis.

Although exercise of all kinds will help relieve stress, Yoga offers a unique mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation, to create an opportunity for relaxation within the body. When you are stressed, tension is stored in the body making you feel tight, exhausted, irritable, unable to sleep, and often causes pain, migraines and/or contributes to other health problems i.e., high blood pressure, cholesterol, indigestion, and/or problems within the digestive system.

Get Yoga at Work, Part 2 will provide the opportunity to learn stress reduction tips and basic meditation skills. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years as a spiritual practice, but today meditation is commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction. In this workshop participants will have an opportunity to explore effective methods for stress reduction, providing opportunities to build awareness and explore established stress reduction and meditation practices; including focused attention, reframing old and ineffective thought patterns, relaxed breathing, finding a quiet place and comfortable position to participate and relinquishing of judgement and pre-conceived expectations of ones self, abilities and/or feelings.

Instructor: Cathy Ireland, Certified Training in Yoga for office Workers.

Please preregister with Cathy by emailing