Gentle Self Realized Yoga

Gentle Self Realized Yoga with Cathy       6:00 – 7:00 Monday evenings

Experience individualized yoga within a group setting. This is a class where the teacher will facilitate providing students with the opportunity to move at their own breath, movement and posture capacity, consciously breathing, offering time for meditation, rest and relaxation. The synchronizing of physical movement with breath, utilizing classical yoga asana’s is called vinyasa. This technique allows for creating a deeper absorption of awareness while utilizing more dynamic movement, enabling exploration and meditation while practicing. Vinyasa supports moving into and out of the asanas in connection with muscular breathing mechanisms. Engaging calming breathing (or what’s known as diaphragmatic breathing) techniques, with proper alignment, the inhalation encourages lengthening of the spine and expansion of the ribs. An exhalation naturally contracts the abdomen, encouraging full exhalation and engagement of the diaphragm. The repetition of poses and movement with the breath builds familiarity, creates opportunities for mastery, building strength, flexibility and reducing stress.

These classes are designed to support individual health conditions and mobility limitations.