EFM2 – Follow the Leader


Concept of Choice

Moving the Feet

Use as much force as necessary to stay safe

When we move horse aiming for softness


How many parts to a horse 5 areas from JF

Liberty Demo

DO Over principle

Use body language to communicate intent

five parts of body to move

Requires Mindfulness

Need to be able to read horse behaviour

Assess environment and anticipate behaviour

Be in the same moment as the horse

Danger Zones

Personal Space

Escape route

Communication Attributes to strive for

All about body language which is informed by intent

Presence Jonathon page 16

Leadership and Herd Dynamic leads to safety

Balance between compassion and firmness

The comfort zone – the sweet spot

Assertive versus agressive

Non Reactive

Patient and Persistent

The horse has a voice

Jonathons five C’s page 52 care control communication confidence competence and challenge

How to approach a Herd

Watch the other horses, who is the boss

Halter and Unhalter


Picking feet

Mutual Safety

Carrot Stick

Leading a Horse

Disengaging the Hind

What does a horse need to feel safe?


What leads to comfort for the horse or what leads to discomfort



Poor communication

Poor leadership

Does a horse have to be standing still to be relaxed



Pressure / release of pressure

How do you gain a horses respect and trust