How Journaling Has Helped Me

Thanks to Susan JK for sharing her thoughts.

Of all the things that have been helpful to me in personal growth and goal achievement, using my journal on a daily basis is at the foundation. Writing in my journal is the glue that holds everything together.

For me it is part of my morning routine – wake-up, make a cappuccino, get my journals, write.Journals, as in plural, as I have my daily Bullet Journal for all the tasks that need to get done that day; and I have another journal where I let my thoughts, goals, and worries spill onto the page.

Journaling is my safe place – where I can write and say what I feel deep inside. It was the place to make new plans for re-building my life when my marriage ended. When I pick up my journals from past years I can see all the hurdles that I have overcome, the new life that I’ve built, and all the things that I have accomplished.New journal entries are filled with all that I am grateful for now, what I have done today, what I learned, and my own call to action. What will I do today to move my business and life towards my goals tomorrow? I write so I won’t forget; so I won’t lose focus, or get distracted. Writing about good things – the important people in my life, my work that brings me pleasure – all of it provides context to my ideas, goals and plans.

I’m also a bit of a productivity junkie. Many people are busy but are not productive. I get immense pleasure from crossing off items on my to-do list. It’s like eating a piece of really good chocolate. 

And finally, Journaling helps me avoid decision fatigue (huge when you are a Libra like me and constantly searching for “balance and harmony in life”). 

Journaling has helped me become the person I was always meant to be.

Susan October 2019

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