Behind the Scenes: How did Get Yoga get its name?

We love the name “Get Yoga” because it has this fun double meaning- as in A) “go get yourself some yoga” and B) get or “understand” yoga. Oh so clever. But… the actual genesis of the name Get Yoga is way less deep or nuanced than you might think.

It has to do with picking a phone number.

When Brendon was opening up the yoga studio as a new business in 2014, he was in the Telus store buying a business phone. He wanted a phone number that people could remember easily. The last 4 digits were easy- 9642 spells “yoga.” But what about the first 3 digits? They had to spell something that made sense in a little phrase before “yoga.” Well, the possibilities were endless and quite entertaining! EAT YOGA, ARM YOGA, BIG YOGA, etc. But then, a flash of inspiration- 438-9642 spells GET YOGA. it’s kind of clever, and it actually makes sense.

So Get Yoga was born. Its mommy was a phone number.

If you call 438-9642 you get Brendon. If you call our current official phone number 475-3462 (which spells nothing in particular) you get Leslie.

Just thought you should know 🙂

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