Where am I in My Practice?

This morning at yoga I learned something about myself, which is not so unusual because that is what yoga is all about. It is a process of self-inquiry that leads us to find and accept who we truly are.

This morning I learned I had become somewhat complacent about my personal journey. For the past while I have been content to stick to the familiar because it feels safe and takes relatively little effort. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when we get stuck in a groove we can forfeit the opportunity for growth.

This morning Melissa, a gifted and creative teacher, offered me something outside of the range of my normal yoga experience. I really had to stay present and focus my awareness to stay with the practice. And as the class evolved I found myself experiencing a more refined appreciation of my present moment experience. By the time savasana arrived I felt a greater degree of calm abiding than I had for quite some time. From this place of greater clarity I realized that my approach to yoga had become a little more mechanical and a little less mindful.

For me, stepping just a bit outside of my comfort zone broke me out of a rut I didn’t even know I was in. I left the studio with a newfound sense of empowerment and vitality. Thanks Melissa!

The lesson I learned is that every once in awhile it is worthwhile to ask “Where am I in my practice”  Maybe it is time to try something different and see where it leads.



Patanjali’s Ethical Principals of Yoga:

The Yamas:

Ahimsa: Non-violence
Satya: Truthfulness
Asteya: Non-stealing
Bramacharya: Respecting relationships
Aparigraha: Non-grasping

The Niyamas:

Saucha: Purity
Santosha: Contentment
Tapas: Self-discipline, training your senses
Svadhyaya: Self-study, inner exploration
Ishvara Pranidhana: Surrender to a power greater than ourselves


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